Colorado Weather

A thunderstorm on the way.
A thunderstorm on the way.

The weather has been interesting on the Colorado Trail. It rains every day like clockwork at three PM — except on the days it rains at noon or five PM or during the night. The thunderstorms usually don’t last very long, but they can be pretty exciting with lightning and loud thunder and sometimes hail. If you are planning on hiking the Colorado Trail bring some extra socks, it’s a challenge keeping them dry.

4 replies on “Colorado Weather”

Sounds like my trip in the sierras. Sort of funny. I’d considered the CT and after reading a blog about the daily storms I decided to hike the Sierra instead. Surprise insane weather for late June early July. Stay safe out there. Dang lightning!


I think I know exactly where that photo was taken. Was it some miles south of Salida with the Sangre de Cristo range to the east? It’s a great photo!


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