Colorado Trail: Waterton Canyon to Kenosha Pass

Deb in an Aspen grove in the Lost Creek Wilderness
Deb in an Aspen grove in the Lost Creek Wilderness

We have made it 72 miles on the Colorado Trail to Kenosha Pass where we are making a quick stop in the small town of Jefferson to resupply.
The hike has been wonderful so far and we have met quite a number of fellow hikers who are hiking to Durango. About 15 hikers were camped the first night near the South Platte River Trailhead.

Rain showers have appeared like clockwork every day but we haven’t used our heavy rain gear yet except umbrella and poncho. Luckily yesterday’s heavy rain fell after we were snug in our tent. We are feeling the climbs but are keeping up with some younger hikers. We feel exhilarated and exhausted but the scenery is SO worth the efforts.
Photo: Deb in an Aspen grove in the Lost Creek Wilderness.

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It is great to hear your reports from the trail. Keep on posting. I love living vicariously through you. Happy Hiking!

*It is solved by walking*. -Diogenes


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