Day 144

Mount Hood

Day 144: August 24th

Mile 2102.5 (Barlow Pass) to Mile 2119.3

After hiking about five miles hiking I arrived at the historic Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. It’s a pretty cool place and was the location where much of the movie “The Shining” was filmed.

Pacific Crest Trail hikers are drawn to the lodge by the excellent all you can eat buffet. I arrived as the breakfast buffet was ending, so decided to wait in the lobby an hour for the lunch buffet at 11:30.

The lobby has a historic feel and was bustling with activity. A dozen or so hikers, lodge guests, and a man giving tours who kept standing on various pieces of furniture to demonstrate how well constructed they were. The food was excellent too.

The PCT was a busy place as I hiked north from Timberline Lodge. Day hikers, weekend backpackers, and a Boy Scout troop. It’s no wonder with the beautiful views of Mount Hood, forests, and waterfalls.

Mileage: 16.8

One reply on “Day 144”

It’s been great following your journey, Lon. I’m sorry Debbie had to stop, and have been worried about your leg trouble, especially after my son had to abort his own through-hike attempt near Warner Springs due to his own leg problem.
He and I and a friend hiked the section you’re now in about three years ago. My question for you is whether you will stay on the PCT down to the Columbia or do the Eagle Creek section at the end. I highly recommend the latter unless you’re determined to stay on the PCT there, which is another good choice for different reasons.
We look forward to every mile you achieve.
Rick Thalhammer


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