Day 137

Mount Jefferson and Jefferson Park.

Day 137: August 17th

Mile 2037.3 to Mile 2053.6 (Olallie Lake)

The highlight of today’s section of the Pacific Crest Trail was the very pretty Jefferson Park, at the base of Mount Jefferson.

I continued hiking to the Olallie Lake Resort where I met Deb for a planned resupply. My shin pain continues, so we decided to take a zero day here tomorrow to rest my leg. We were able to book two nights in one of the yurts here.

This is the first time I have been at Olallie Lake when the resort was open and it is really nice in a rustic way. When I was here in 2009 everything was closed for renovation. They have had several different owners over the past few years and the current owner is very helpful and hiker friendly. The small store is well stocked with a selection of hiker food.

Mileage: 16.3

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Lon and Deb, Where will you be Saturday night? We’re in Seattle and go to the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula Thursday and Friday nights, then reposition to end up in Corvallis on Sunday afternoon. We’re looking at various options for Saturday night.

Yesterday we were at Mt. Rainier and enjoyed the incredible wild flowers you have also been seeing.

I hope your calf is better.


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