Day 130

Thunderstorms near the Pacific Crest Trail.

Day 130: August 10th

Mile 1879.8 to Mile 1902.7

This morning I met southbound thru-hikers Dormouse and Dirt Stew at Forest Road 60 near Windigo Pass. They are carrying one of the new super accurate GPS loggers for the Halfmile Project. It was great to meet them and discuss ideas about trail logging, waypoints, and southbound hiker issues.

A bit less smoky today but the mosquitos were pretty bad, especially around Summit Lake. I pitched the tent a little early as it was starting to rain. Lots of thunder and lightning, but not really all that much rain. Hopefully it didn’t start more fires. Passed the 1,900 mile mark today.

Photo: Thunderstorms near the Pacific Crest Trail.

Mileage: 22.9

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Lon, you should publish a book compiling your photos when you’re all done. I’m reading your posts on my phone….the photos are incredible, and I can only imagine how great they’d look in a larger format.
Good luck.


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