Day 90

Day 90: July 1st
Mile 1129 to Highway 40

The trail walk in the morning continued to give great views of Lake Tahoe until the PCT departed the Tahoe Rim Trail. We then began walking the trail as it wound on the west side of the mountains, until we neared trails leading to Squaw Valley ski area. At this point the PCT wound its way quite steeply up to an incredible ridge line where we had beautiful views east and west. All the hikers talked about this endless climb because the top was such a great reward for all that hard work.

We stopped at the top briefly to cook dinner, hoping the dark clouds would stay at bay, which they did. We hurried down the ridge many, many miles all the way down to Donner Summit at highway 40. This was a marathon day for us, a first for us, 26.4 miles! By the time we found water (a hose at the closed ski chalet) and made a stealth camp, we crashed: Deb with sore and tired legs,but Lon exhilarated by the day.

Mileage: 26.4

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Love reading your blogs. So descriptive I can imagine I am there. Grandson Will has passed midpoint of PCT a few days ago. But his writing skills not so good. keep them coming! Bel.

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