Day 82-85

Day 82-85: June 23-26rd
Sonora Pass to South Lake Tahoe

This was a section full of trail magic.

The hitch out of Kennedy Meadow was not as easy as the hitch in but eventually Dina and George returned us to the trailhead. Dina was on her way to Levitt Meadow to complete the Tahoe Rim trail to Tuolumne so we gave her some trail info. Thank you Dina and George! We also encountered Coppertone, who serves root beer floats, at the trailhead for the second time this entire hike, but it was very early and we were on our way quickly.

Our hiking was uneventful all the way to Ebbetts Pass, where we found trail magic provided by Chipmunk. Scrambled eggs, topped by chili, followed by hot coffee. Just wonderful. Coffee on the trail is an incredible treat, especially for us since our stove was makeshift at this point and we had mostly given up on hot food. Thank you Chipmunk!

The very next day we hiked thru more and more forests and eventually heard from some day hikers that more trail magic was ahead! Unbelievable! Kermit and Jeannie Bug have us hot drinks and fresh and energy snacks to power us on our way on the afternoon. We haven’t been expecting any trails hoc because we began our hike ahead of the “hiker herd” but we appreciate every extra calorie and human contact on this trail.

We left the magic and the trail climbed a very exposed ridge, where powerful winds threatened to push us off the trail. There was no shelter so we struggled to stay upright and hiked until we made it down to, what we thought, was a sheltered campsite. The winds tested our tent all night. Eventually light rain drizzled about 3 am. The rain continued much of the next day. A highlight was the visitor’s center at Carson Pass where we were warmed by a fire and given even more breakfast snacks! The welcomes we are getting as PCT hikers is surreal.

This last day had us wet and cold most of the 18 miles up and down off the mountains to a trailhead 9 miles from South Lake Tahoe. We tried hitching on Highway 50 for 10 minutes (really fast car speeds) before calling from a list of trail angels providing rides to town. Mike answered our call and we were installed into the Motel 6 in no time. Thank you Mike!

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