Day 69

Day 69: June 10th
Mile 850.9 to mile 868.1 (17.2 miles)

Today began with an easy downhill hike along the Pacific Crest Trail for miles along Evolution Creek and the San Joaquin river. As we crossed the third of four bridges (bridges !!! what a novel park idea for water crossings !) for the day, we left Kings Canyon National Park and entered the John Muir Wilderness.

After our break for an early lunch, we began the climb for Selden Pass. This was not a tough pass but the gentle climb was miles long; however, it was virtually snow-free as southbounders had told us.

The weather changed for the dramatic as we headed downhill. Black clouds, light rain, thunder and lightening. We quickly found a campsite and are snug in our tent listening to the surprise storm above us.

Tomorrow we will reach Vermillion Valley Resort – we are looking forward to three good meals.

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