Day Five: PCT Mile 56 to Mile 71

Today the Pacific Crest Trail descends down from Mount Laguna toward a highway intersection called Scissors Crossing. We had been camping at about 5,200 feet elevation and will be dropping to around 2,200 feet tomorrow.

It was relatively easy downhill walking most of the way. The chaparral was greener than I expected considering the drought we have been experiencing here in California. Wildflowers and cactus are starting to bloom.

The weather is forecast to be warmer tomorrow and combined with the lower elevation it may be a very warm day tomorrow.

Photo: Cactus blooming as the PCT descends towards Scissors Crossing.

Trail Date: Monday, April 7th

One reply on “Day Five: PCT Mile 56 to Mile 71”

That’s a beautiful photograph of the ocotillo and of Deb. It captures the essence of hiking in the San Felipes.


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