Day Two: Hauser Creek to Yellow Rose Spring

We got an early start on the Pacific Crest Trail this morning, departing Hauser Creek shortly after 6 am. It was another chilly morning and our gear was covered with condensation and frost. We need to work on our technique for packing up wet tents in the dark — I’m sure this won’t be the only time we have to do that.

We had an excellent breakfast at the Oak Shores Grocery in Lake Morena Village.

The mild daytime temperatures continued today as we hiked past Boulder Oaks and then up Kitchen Creek. We found very nice camping and good water 4/10 of a mile north of the PCT near the Yellow Rose Spring.

Photo: Deb and our small tent near the large trees at Yellow Rose Spring.

Mileage: 14.8 miles

Hiker Tips: We started the PCT with just 1.5 days food and resupplied at Lake Morena Village. This worked very well for us. The Oak Shores Grocery is now serving excellent food. We had breakfast there and ordered sandwiches that were large enough for both lunch and dinner. It’s only another 1.5 days to Mount Laguna, so you don’t need to carry that much food.

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