CDT Update: Gila River Alternate

After departing Silver City we took the Gila River alternate. The alternate is not actually on the official Continental Divide Trail but the hike is so awesome that about 90% of CDT hikers choose it over the official trail. We did not have cell service during this section, so here is a condensed update ofContinue reading “CDT Update: Gila River Alternate”

CDT Update: Day 9 -12

Shortly after passing the 100 mile mark the Continental Divide Trail changes. The trail has climbed to over 6,000 feet. The terrain is no longer desert but now more of a juniper forests. Instead of cross country routes we now have actual trail. Very pleasant and beautiful walking. Over the next two days of hikingContinue reading “CDT Update: Day 9 -12”

CDT Update Two: Lordsburg, NM

We have now hiked the first 85 miles of the Continental Divide Trail from Crazy Cook to Lordsburg, NM. It’s been a great adventure so far with plenty of beautiful scenery. It reminds me a little of the Anza Borrego area in Southern CA. The terrain and vegetation is somewhat similar and the CDT isContinue reading “CDT Update Two: Lordsburg, NM”

Our CDT Adventure Begins

Our day began in Lordsburg where we caught the early morning shuttle run by the Continental Trail Alliance. The shuttle makes starting the Continental Divide Trail much easier since there is basically no other way to reach the southern terminus of the trail at Crazy Cook (in the boot heel of New Mexico) unless youContinue reading “Our CDT Adventure Begins”