CDT Update: Helena, MT

Next on the Continental Divide Trail was a four day hike from Lincoln, MT to McDonald Pass and nearby Helena, MT. On this section is trail my hiking companion was Elevated, a hiker from Australia. Most of the trail follows the Continental Divide through Helena National Forest. Hiking is often along ridges above the treeContinue reading “CDT Update: Helena, MT”

CDT Update: The Scapegoat

From the Benchmark Wilderness Ranch it was a three day hike on the Continental Divide Trail through the Scapegoat Wilderness to Rodgers Pass near the small town of Lincoln, MT. I had the Benchmark Ranch all to myself (except for the owner and about 25 horses and mules). My resupply package was waiting for me,Continue reading “CDT Update: The Scapegoat”

CDT Update: The Bob

  The Bob is the Bob Marshall Wilderness that begins about 30 miles south of Glacier National Park. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, since I haven’t had cell service in awhile, I departed East Glacier on the 4th of July. It’s a 16 mile hike on the Continental Divide Trail from East Glacier to theContinue reading “CDT Update: The Bob”

CDT Update: Glacier National Park

I decided to flip up to the Canadian border and walk south on the Continental Divide Trail for awhile. After a pleasant three week break from hiking in Santa Fe, I flew to Spokane and then hopped on an Amtrak train. The train departed about 1 AM and arrived at the small town of EastContinue reading “CDT Update: Glacier National Park”

CDT Update: Chama, NM

We have now completed the entire state of New Mexico on the Continental Divide Trail. After leaving Cuba, NM the trail climbed in elevation and changes from desert to alpine forest and mountains. Much of the trail is above 10,000 feet and often closer to 11,000 feet. Our week hiking was made a little moreContinue reading “CDT Update: Chama, NM”

CDT Update: Cuba, NM

The Continental Divide Trail between Grants and Cuba, NM was a really excellent section of trail. We hiked up the 11,300 for Mount Taylor, our highest elevation for the trail so far. We encountered snow and many downed trees covering the trail on the north face, resulting in our first postholings of our hike. FortunatelyContinue reading “CDT Update: Cuba, NM”