200 Miles

Diamond Peak reflected in Diamond View Lake at sunrise
Diamond Peak reflected in Diamond View Lake at sunrise

Today we reached the 200 mile point in our hike.

This section of the Pacific Crest Trail has been really nice with lovely lakes to camp near most nights…Summit Lake, Diamond View Lake, Odell Lake, Bobby Lake and likely Brahma Lake later today.

We did change our plans and detoured off the PCT briefly after we had a look at the snow on Diamond Peak and followed the Crater Butte Trail from the PCT to near Diamond View Lake on the Oregon Skyline Trail and into the Shelter Cove Resort.

The Shelter Cove Resort is a hiker-friendly RV park on Odell Lake that has recently changed ownership. We shipped a resupply box there and enjoyed several meals from the remodeled kitchen with its expanded menu. A welcome change from trail food.

While at Shelter Cove I received a surprise call from my credit card company letting me know my card was compromised and a replacement card was being sent. It will be awhile before that card catches up to me. This is the third time in the past few years that I’ve had credit card issues while hiking the PCT. I carry spare credit cards now so they can just be canceled and not impact my plans. Unfortunately, the canceled card had several auto payments, and I had to spend some time making changes to things like health insurance and storage rentals so they would continue to be paid. I need to rethink my strategy on auto payments given the current poor state of security of the payment card industry.

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I am very much enjoying your hiking narrative and photos, especially since I am not able to hit the trail this summer due to injuries from a bad fall on my bicycle a few months ago. Safe hiking!


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