RV Life

RV Life

The Winnebago Aspect motorhome.
Our new Winnebago Aspect motorhome.

We recently purchased a motorhome and will be exploring the country in our tiny home on wheels for the next year or two. The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity as we purchased the new (to us) RV, moved out of our rented cabin in Idyllwild, downsized our belongings, sold my car, and moved everything into either storage or the RV.

The RV is a 2005 Winnebago Aspect. It’s 26 feet long, which is mid-sized by today’s standards. We wanted a comfortable space to live, but still small enough to travel to out of the way parks and other places. The dining area slides out on the left side of the RV which adds a lot of room when you are parked.

As we moved out of Idyllwild the weather had turned cold and was dropping into the mid 20’s at night. We spent two chilly nights in the RV at the County Park in Idyllwild as we packed up the cabin and traveled to the warmth of Oceanside, CA.


Note: It’s been awhile since I updated the blog. I’m not still hiking the Colorado Trail. Back in August I ended the Colorado Trail hike after 300 miles when I came down with a chest cold that slowed me down quite a lot at high elevations. The Colorado Trail was a great hike and I’m looking forward to finishing the final 180 miles someday soon.

5 replies on “RV Life”

That’s a fascinating change of lifestyle, Lon, and I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. Certainly, if you are passing through Sacramento anytime, Katie and I, and my son, Korbi, if he’s not in school, would love to take you guys to dinner or whichever meal is timely. We will always remember your hospitality in Idyllwild last spring.



If you, the wife, and the RV, get to El Cajon there’s a meal and a bed for a night. I promised to buy you lunch a few years ago and was never able to pull it off.

Thank you for all your help for the trail. I got knocked off at Suiattle River in August because Washington was on fire. I’ll finish the last 120 miles next August after 13 years of sections. The entire time people spoke of Halfmile’s maps. You have a well deserved legacy.

Come visit soon,

Dana Law
1787 Manfred Court
El Cajon, Ca 92021


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