Day 31: Bike Spring to Guffy Campground

We got an early (for us) 6 am start as we made the long slow climb up the waterless section of the Pacific Crest Trail to the mountains above Wrightwood. We had amazing views as we climbed. We could see Cajon Pass below and the thousands of cars speeding along the interstate highway to LosContinue reading “Day 31: Bike Spring to Guffy Campground”

Day 30: Little Horsethief Canyon to Bike Spring

This morning’s hike took us to Cajon Pass, which is where the Pacific Crest Trail passes under Interstate Highway 15. It’s well known by PCT hikers as the location of the only McDonald’s on the trail (well 3/10 mile from the trail, anyway). We arrived in time for breakfast (Deb’s included a chocolate milkshake –Continue reading “Day 30: Little Horsethief Canyon to Bike Spring”

Day 29: Grass Valley Creek to Little Horsethief Canyon

Today’s hike was along the shores of the very pretty Silverwood Lake. Flowers were blooming everywhere. We stopped at the picnic area where we got water and rinsed out some clothes. We had them drying on the picnic tables and a tree limb when a park truck pulls up and the driver walks towards us.Continue reading “Day 29: Grass Valley Creek to Little Horsethief Canyon”

Day 28: Mile 301 to Grass Valley Creek

Deep Creek is a remarkably beautiful section of the Pacific Crest Trail and we spent the morning marveling at the views as we strolled toward the hot springs. We arrived at the hot springs late in the morning and had a wonderful soak before continuing down the trail. Shortly after lunch we encountered a thru-hikerContinue reading “Day 28: Mile 301 to Grass Valley Creek”