Day 53-54: Rockhouse Basin to Kennedy Meadows

It was just a short eight mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail to Kennedy Meadows which soon will become the center of the hiking universe for the next month or so. We both had sent resupply packages to the Kennedy Meadows General Store and spent a zero day organizing gear and supplies. We willContinue reading “Day 53-54: Rockhouse Basin to Kennedy Meadows”

Day 52: Mile 676.1 to Rockhouse Basin

Shortly after we departed our campsite this morning, we had the thrill of the day – a solo bear strolling on the same Pacific Crest Trail right in front of us, maybe 20 yards ahead! We stopped and watched him for half a minute before he caught wind of us and galloped away. Deb hasContinue reading “Day 52: Mile 676.1 to Rockhouse Basin”