Day One: Campo to Hauser Creek

Today we began a long walk. A 2,660 mile walk from the Mexican border to the Canadian border on the Pacific Crest Trail.

White Jeep gave us an early morning ride to the Southern Terminus of the PCT (thanks White Jeep), where about 30 other hikers also started hiking today. A surprisingly large number considering how early in the hiking season it is. The hikers spread out pretty quickly, and we spent the day leapfroging with a half dozen other hikers who walked about the same pace as us.

We decided to only go as far as Hauser Canyon the first day. Our plan is to hike a relatively easy 15 mile per day pace for the next three weeks. Plus, this sets us up to spend Saturday night at Mount Laguna (mile 42).

Mileage: 15.4 miles

Hiker Tips: No water in Hauser Creek. We carried 5 liters of water each from Campo which was about half liter more than we each needed. Temperatures were very mild — low around 27.

2 replies on “Day One: Campo to Hauser Creek”

Lon, How exciting! The mild winter makes it a great year for a hike although you may end up carrying more water than you wanted to in the dry stretches. Enjoy and be safe. Abrazos, Liz

*It is solved by walking*. -Diogenes


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